How do I use my GOVERRE? 
  • Pop the lid off using the thumb indentation on either side of the lid
  • Pour your favorite wine into your GOVERRE glass
Enjoy your wine without the lid or...
  • Press the lid back on the GOVERRE glass to seal
  • Turn the top knob (to the left) to use the drink-through lid
  • Turn the top knob (to the right) to seal and close
 How much does GOVERRE hold?​
  • 17 oz
 Is GOVERRE shatter-resistant?
  • Yes, GOVERRE is shatter-resistant. Not only is the glass thicker than your typical wine glass, it also has a silicone sleeve on the outside. This sleeve allows for protection against breaking if dropped.

 Is GOVERRE dishwasher safe?

  • Yes, all components of GOVERRE are dishwasher safe including the glass, lid and silicone sleeve. It is best to place GOVERRE on the top rack of the dishwasher. We do not recommend removing the silicone sleeve to wash. 

 Is GOVERRE Leak-Proof?

  • GOVERRE's patent pending drink-through lid prevents spills and most leaks. Our goal with GOVERRE is to provide a portable wine GLASS that is highly functional and beautiful. Keep your GOVERRE glass upright in your bag or picnic basket to prevent small amounts of leakage. Cheers and Enjoy! 

 Can GOVERRE be used with the lid?​

  • Yes, definitely! The functionality of the lid allows you to drink while it's on. All you do is quarter-turn the knob on top and drink through the uncovered opening. This is a great feature of GOVERRE, especially when the outdoor elements are conspiring against you and you want to avoid spilling your favorite wine.

 Why is GOVERRE made out of glass instead of plastic?

  • ​GOVERRE is made out of glass for two reasons. First, wine tastes significantly better out of glass than plastic. Glass preserves the taste of wine while plastic can alter the taste of it. Second, glass is better for the environment. It is made from all-natural sustainable raw materials.