This is a set of 4 Goverre glasses: Turquoise, Hot Pink, Lavender and Yellow. Goverre is a Glass, portable, stemless wine glass with a silicon sleeve and drink-through lid. With Goverre, you get a unique, durable glass that holds 17 oz. of your favorite beverage. Goverre is of course phthalate and lead free and dishwasher safe. It is perfect for at home or outdoor enjoyment such as picnics, camping, the beach, or as a gift....the list goes on!


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Bundle Includes: 

1x Turquoise GOVERRE

1x Hot Pink GOVERRE

1x Lavender GOVERRE

1x Yellow GOVERRE


GOVERRE is a GLASS, portable, stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and a drink-through lid.


  • Holds 17oz of your favorite beverage (ours happens to be wine)
  • Durable—thicker(.25") than a typical wine glass
  • Modern design for a chic and discreet glass, shhh don't let them know ;) 
  • Preserves taste and integrity of your wine
  • Silicone sleeve - Houndstooth-patterned silicone sleeve prevents heat transfer and provides a no-slip grip
  • Phthalate and lead free
  • Dishwasher safe


  • White glass anti-glare and anti-reflective coated
  • Silicone sleeve 
  • Twist on drinking lid