About Goverre



GOVERRE is a GLASS, portable, stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and drink-through lid.

With GOVERRE, you can now bring your favorite glass of wine with you. GOVERRE is not going to spill and your wine will taste the way it should!

There are three components that make GOVERRE unique:

1. Glass

• GOVERRE holds 17oz of your favorite beverage (ours happens to be wine).
• GOVERRE is thicker than a typical wine glass making it durable.
• GOVERRE’s white glass is unique, chic and discreet. Glass preserves the taste and integrity of your wine.

2. Silicone Sleeve

• The houndstooth-patterned silicone sleeve gives GOVERRE added durability, prevents heat transfer and provides a no-slip grip.

3. Lid

• GOVERRE can be enjoyed without its patent pending lid OR can be used with its drink-through lid.
• GOVERRE is of course phthalate and lead free and dishwasher safe.


For Any Occasion

GOVERRE is perfect for: backyard BBQ’s, sunset sails, walks around the neighborhood, outdoor movies, street and art festivals, hikes, taking your dog for a walk, camping, Broadway, private planes, parades, picnics, polo fields, the pool, film festivals, block parties, concerts in the park, the beach…the list goes on!

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